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"Creativty is contagious, pass it on"

Albert Einstein

My mission is to help to bring humility and gratefulness for what we have in our lives.


The lessons that I have learned from some of the most painful moments in my personal life is this. An emotional traumatic experience will heal in time. Feeling defeated or let down will bring new meaning to character, to lift oneself up in your lowest moments, and having the will to keep going forward in every struggle. To appreciate the ones who have had an impact in my life.

The lessons I have also learned from some of my most joyful moments. I learned to be humble and grateful for this artistic talent. To appreciate the ones who have helped me in my life. My wife and children, my parents, my siblings, my closest friends, to honor my late grandparents for giving me advice. To give respect to the land and the animals that are on this earth.


How do I serve this mission as a fine artist? I help others restore their humility and gratefulness by painting portraits of the ones who have made a huge impact on their life. The ones who held meaning and guidance in their life. I help others by feeling grateful for nature, to give respect to the land, to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy the freedom and the vastness of the wilderness. To respect the wildlife. I help others by painting wildlife and landscapes.


This is my mission, and my purpose is to serve that mission. To bring a sense of value, joy, and delight to YOU, my collectors. My mission as an artist is to help bring humility and gratefulness for what we have in our lives.


Treaty 11 100th Year Anniversary Tlicho Painting Project

Monfwii Treaty 11 Painting_edited.jpg
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