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Original painting on 24”x 30” canvas and made with acrylic paint. Painting depicts a boat on the back bay of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in "Old Town” on Great Slave Lake.This painting is from a photograph I took myself in Yellowknife of “Old Town” back bay and I was walking along the dock and noticed across the lake a boat navigating the bay area motoring towards the large body of water of Great Slave Lake.At this time its September of 2018 and the leaves are just turning yellow and ready to shed its leaves for fall season. Its during an early morning on a Saturday and I took a bunch of photos that same day for paintings and this particular photo caught my eye with the background of Yellowknife landscape with its unique rocky terrain and a house boat docked near the shore line. The boat itself i know nothing of or who owns it but i thought it would be a focal point for a great painting. This particular piece took me 4 days of painting starting with the boat itself and working on the lake water the next day and the background on the third. The background took a lot of work because I painted each individual tree which took me hours of painting but worth the effort and enjoyed the process.

Weekend Cruise

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